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Confused with the technical side, all I want is a DVD player, please help

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Andy20, Jun 8, 2003.

  1. Andy20


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    At the end of this month I will be looking into getting a Multi-Regional DVD player.
    Now I am not interested in any kinds of gadgets or anything to increase picture quality or to enchance sound.
    All I want is a DVD player that will play my R2 DVD's along with R1 and that will definitely support RCE DVD's.

    I checked out this page that told me which multi-regional DVD players can play RCE DVD's but was wondering if anyone had any advice or recommendations for me.

    My budget will probably be around £150.00 and I am after a DVD player in Silver and will probably buy it from Richer Sounds unless anyone else can recommend any alternative suppliers. Maybe even any online ones who are good for bargains?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. andy572

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    Dec 4, 2002
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    Oop North
    There's a Yamaha S530 here and several more reduced-price offers listed on this page

    There's no mention of RCE, but I bought an all-in-one :hiya: from Weymouth Hi-fi a few months ago and found the staff to be very helpful via e-mail, whenever I had an enquiry. I've only made that one purchase - though if that transaction was anything to go by, then they can be recommended. It is best to add the 'Weymouth' wouldn't confirm RCE playback, only that the RCE playback should be possible. I can't confirm RCE on my own machine, as I don't yet own a disc that uses it.

    In their defence, I imagine they're just covering themselves with the 'should' and, although someone else should confirm, expect most multi-region players these days will be okay with RCE (if the words of one supplier* are true, at least).

    [*Who once claimed to provide the multi-region mod to other dealers in the UK... I'm not being cynical, by the way!]

    I can't give any worthwhile recommendations either, beyond stating the obvious of sticking to a major brand. I believe Toshiba, Sony and Pioneer are well thought of.

    I do have limited experience of mid-range Toshiba and Sony players and found both to be user-friendly, with a clear interface and good picture and sound quality. The Sony was the slightly-less impressive of the two; but I think that was most likely due to being a pretty old machine, viewed on a television with way too high contrast and brightness settings - along with some heavy picture processing and/or scaling. Regarding Pioneer, I don't have any complaints with my Pioneer all-in-one in terms of picture quality (via s-video) and features, and find the GUI the most preferable. As I said though, I doubt you'll find vast differences between machines in that price range. Just watch the movies and enjoy :smoke:

    Try this page for user reviews on many players.

    I understand the guys at the top right of the screen are very good :D

    These two have good reputations also: AV Land and Home Cinema Heaven, with the latter having some good offers this weekend.

    Hope you find something of interest.

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