Confused? Should I go for HD DVD Player or Denon 1940 DVD Player


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I am but confused what to buy...

1) Toshiba HD DVD Player (Any good player under £150)


2) Denon DVD 1940 Player (Upscale to 1080p)

My reasons to seperate player other than PS3 because I am not happy with audio output of audio CD and DTS audio CD/DVD output. :mad:

I test on optical and also HDMI but no positive results :rolleyes:

But the sound I hear... (Audio CD) on Denon 1930 with my AMP and my GS Speakers during demo, I was amazed!

So in short any player which can play DTS like it should be (not software amplified or processed sound like PS3) and can upscale to 1080p. HD DVD option is plus! because as I check online they are about £150 - £200 (on deals and my dealer)

But I need your advice on it... is it wise to spend money on HD DVD (I know its ob. but still can use it as upscaler) player or spend few more £ and get good build/quality Denon. :confused:



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Black please...


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The quantity and variety have certainly diminished over the past couple of months but still plenty available if you search around.IMO still well worth getting into.I'm very much of the opinion that people who sold out to get into Blu were very short-sighted.(although the more that did made it that much cheaper for those of us who remained faithful).Unless they have money to burn it will take them a long and expensive time to achieve the 100+ collections a lot of us have now.But besides the pleasure of having a large full shelf of HD discs it has been a very pleasant voyage of discovery viewing discs we would never have bought otherwise and finding lots of gems amongst the bargains .

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