Confused re Picture Quality - Please help


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I am not much of a technofile and I am making my first forray into the LCD/Plasma market (currently looking for 40-46in panel). I assumed that I would get the best picture quality from screens with native resolution of 1920 x 1080 as opposed to 1024 x 768. Reading reviews, however, it seems that often tv's regarded as having the best picture have the lower resolution ie Pioneer PDP4280XD. Could anyone explain why that is the case? I need a picture that will handle movement well (ie football).


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Because there aren't really any true 1080p sources other than a few games, bluray and HD DVD.

so for SkyHD, things like how well the screen processes 1080i, motion and colour fidelity become very important, and for most people, at normal viewing distances, your eyes can't resolve the detail of 1920x1080 pixels anyhow. And if you're talking about SD football, then having to upscale it MORE to 1920x1080 is obviously going to be harder and therefore look worse. More pixels = bad in that case.

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