Confused over connections..........bear with me :)


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Have a Sony OLED with 4 HDMI connections, 2 x HDMI 2, 1 x eArc (2.1) and 1 HDMI 2.1
Samsung Soundbar HW-Q700A
BT HD box
Panasonic 820 4k player
Nintendo Switch
Nvidia Pro (but can probably do without this)

Proposed connections for best sound and upscaling:
HDMI 1 - 2.0 - BT box
HDMI 2 - 2.0 - Nintendo Switch
HDMI 3 - eArc - Samsung Soundbar
HDMI 4 - 2.1 - Panny 820 and PS5 into soundbar input or the PS5 into the TV and the Panny 820 into the soundbar?
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Joe Fernand

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The choice of Source > TV > Soundbar vs. Source > Soundbar > TV is likely one you’ll have to experiment with.

You don’t say which TV you have and the Soundbar seems to have onboard ‘processing’ but limited channels so potentially optimising video will be your primary focus.


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