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Confused over best settings for my Runco 940 (Barco 708)

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by ScottMcDonald, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. ScottMcDonald

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    Jan 20, 2005
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    Bountiful, Utah
    So here goes, I'm just a little confused. With what all of you experts out there...I'm just a novice....what would you suggest for settings for my runco 940. My Screen is 16:9 96"wide and 53" Tall. My projector is ceiling mounted. I'm using a HTPC with a 3200+ AMD XP, and an AIW 9600XT AGP....

    I watch 95% DVD's in my theater. Don't have HDTV...only cable...to watch a rare sporting event. My current settings of 1280 x 720 using powerstrip are good but seem soft. I use FFDshow to resize and sharpen but doesn't seem to make any difference...yes using Lancoz X4. I've tried 800 x 600 but with this resolution what should I be resizing with FFDshow? Or do I just give up on resizing and ffdshow? Closeups of Faces are extremely clear and lifelike. Flesh tone is great....but medium to distance shots become very soft. I may just be expecting too much for this projector....I feel like I got a great deal on it....it only had 133 hours and I got it for $1750...but had to buy the mounting bracket for $200 so $1950 US. I'm now at 560 hours since May of 2004 Install date. I think I may try one more complete setup from scratch starting with my Raster settings to Convergence. By the way my Frequency settings are 72hz at 600 x 800 and 64 hz at 1280 x 720. Well off to tinkering ......Thanks for any replies....they are appreciated!

    Scott McDonald :thumbsup:

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