confused on what to buy need ya advice


Well I am now even more confused than ever :eek: , was just so close to deciding between the TX200 or the Z4 then come acrross the Sharp XV-Z200e thread bought for £499.:mad:

from reading threw the posts people are saying it is producing better picture Quality than the Tx200 or Z4...

How is this possible when the Z4 TX200 have much higher contrast and even resolution than the Sharp XV-Z200e.

Do you think this is people just getting a little bit to excited with a old model bargain ???

your thought people ??

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Hi jamieuk23

In few words i can explain my understanding.

1. The Sharp one is a DLP and it produces better black and contrast than the other LCD models you mentioned. Contrast is the first thing which can excite anyone on a display.

2. Most of the sharp buyers are using it for DVD. So there is no special gain in going for PJTX200 or Z4. The SD DLPs anyway produce a very pleasing HD picture if you feed it so the upgrdae bite is always a 2nd option than sheer contrast performance.

3. The sharp is priced like a donought and indeed it is a fantastic deal. If you go for it now you spend £550 and after 2 yer if you upgrade to HD PJ you get the best of the lot as the HD pJs are still evolving and not at their best.

I own a H27 (SD) and i demoed HD LCDs and never felt like going for one as the H27 produces an amazing picture. I am sure in the same way the sharp produces a fantastic piture for the price.

Decision ? yours. But do see a demo between HD LCD PJs and DLP PJs. Its all in the eyes of the observer.


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