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    For weeks now have been searching the internet and reading reviews to help me decide. i got more confused. I finally found an article called which dvd? ( I have found the website fantastic. Anyone who is new to dvd recorders should use the website. The only problem i have (not with the website) is the that information is about to be updated sometime in setptember but i now urgently need to buy the recorder. So i thought that maybe someone from the forumn or the website owner might help.

    The purpose of buying a DVD is to be able to record live video recording onto the recorder via camcorder and to sell the dvd immediately. All i have been looking for in a recorder is i-link, hard drive, able to record on dvd+(only because i have been told is better quality than dvd-) and possible HDMI (only because i have been told its better quality)

    The products i have been looking at are panasonic dmr eh60, toshiba xs52(i understand the s34 was noisy. is the xs52 noisy also), pioneer 920 or pioneer 1000.

    Could some please help and tell me which one might be my best options.
    Thanks a billion in advance :lease: :l

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