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Feb 24, 2006
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I am now thoroughly confused on plasma choice. Everyone loves Panasonic then someone mentions contrast issues. Everyone loves Pioneer then someone mentions problems with that. Some reckon people like the piano black so much they forgive any screen failings. I have been impressed with the Philips 50PF9967 but no one likes it. Philips suffer from solarization and on/off switch problems apparently. LG are rated by some but considered very average by others. I have seen them all set up in Curry's and the picture quality is pretty good from a central feed. In fact the Panasonic looked unnaturally colourful while the Philips looked more natural. Its all down to the 'feed' apparently. Are we being fed duff information?

My short list is:

Panasonic 42PV500 (or later 60 / 600)
LG 42PX5D / 50PX4D
Philips 50PF9967
Pioneer 436XDE

Can anyone give an honest overall appraisal of these to de-confuse me? I shall be using it for standard definition and DVD films. :lease:
I can only tell you all the distibutors are flogging that Philips off cheap for some reason. I'd avoid any Philips plasma like a nasty little disease. You should also consider saving yourself some money unless you have plans for HDTV and HD-DVD, your SD stuff will most likely look better on a cheaper SD plasma.
in terms of plasma, panasonic or pioneer only, I would not go near any other brand?
you have a mix of 50" and 42/3" in shortlist? is this purely down to price? (you get what you pay for) Go back to currys and take the panny out of dynamic mode put it in cinema or normal, get them to hook up a decent DVD player and show you what DVD looks like on a direct connection cmponent to each screen one at a time use your own material that you know well ideally not animated something like pirates of the carribean decent disk mix of dark and light scenes etc Mr & Mrs Smith is a decent one too the car chase bit.
Ah, but the Panasonic and Pioneer are the more pricey of the plasmas. So already I have two conflicting pieces of advice! :confused

Is the Panasonic good with SD and DVD?
You get what you pay for...But you have to play with the settings and take some dvds and see how each compares. P's & P's are good, the choice of many here! But of course there are others and pq is subjective. Take your eyes (!) and your wallet and see which YOU prefer. Oh and take some dvd's and get the remote controls from the staff to play with settings.

EDIT: a bit repetitive there, hmmm...
buy a cheap panasonic sd ie 42pe50 or 37inch under £1000 great pq and good with dvds throu component wait 2 years till hd is settled down sell plasma maybe £500 and buy up to date tech which might be sed or oled thats what i will do i think its just a thought thou.

First narrow your choices down a bit

Do you want plasma TV or Panel , is it going to be stand or wall mounted?
Do you want HD or SD what are youre viewing prefferences only u know
Do u require Freeview?

Answer all these first it will narrow your choices down

Do u want 42" or 50" will it look right in your room if 50" .If yes then Pio and LG stick out as choices

Philips havent quite got it right i think everyone will say leave alone

PannyPV500 dont look right if wall mounted although good, plus PX60 range due very shortly that might be a better option and cheaper:D

LG Despite their knockers work well i have one:D

Pioneer gets excellent reviews does look fab:D

Hitachi gets good reviews although some moan about red speckle effect:D

As you can see there is no one definite answer ITS YOUR CHOICE

Get a demo as has already been said with the same feed and demo them hey its £1500-£2500 of your money make them work for it:clap:

I have no prefference on any Plasma i chose mine cos of my requirements i have no reason to join HD yet its way too early in my opinion

It had to be wall mounted with inbuilt speakers and give good SD PQ

Hope that helps

Thanks for the replies. I have been looking at what is available, hence my shortlist. However I was looking for your valuable opinions as well as checking out the screens myself. Thanks to kjt2004 for a logical appraisal of screens. For your info my personal opinion so far on my shortlist is:

Panasonic - impressive pq. Colour settings needed correcting on the one in Curry's

LG - impressive pq and good price. So what's the catch?

Philips - Only found one on display (50PF9966). Good pq but I have never trusted Philips for reliability and why have Philips stopped making the 50PF9967 with nothing to replace it? Perhaps Philips feel they need to improve their product before coming out with a new one?

Pioneer - Good pq. Expensive when you add on the stand and speakers. Nice piano black but only really suits modern lounge style.

I like the LG. It looks good without being too difficult to fit with classic style lounge furniture. Picture quality is good. Don't know about sound quality yet, except from review in Home Cinema. And, oh yes, the price is reasonable for plasma prices at the moment. :smashin:

It sounds like you have made up your own mind:thumbsup:

But can i just say DEMO those shortlisted dont go on anyones advice here it is all personnal opinion and preference(albeit with respect to MAW and Horny excellent opinions), Its your EYES that have to make the final decision.:eek:

And get your head around what other equipment you will be connecting to it

I assume a Panel is not on the list for a reason

A panel is good for people who have a sound system to connect in to. My Audiolab 8000 amp is 14 years old, before the time audio became audio visual and before remote contols for amps. Furthermore the hifi is at the opposite end of the room to the tv. I might integrate them some time in the future but not at the moment.

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