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Confused If I Need An Amplifier for Some HD600s


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Hey Folks

I've had some Seinheiser 515s for about 3 years now, and i feel its time for a change. :rolleyes:

I've always used them with my Denon AVR 1906 and have been happy with the results, although always craved for more.

So ive been eyeing up some HD600s /HD650s but am open to suggestions.

My main question is do i need an amp? Im no major Audiophile when it comes to my games and DVD music, but i do want something involving and clear.

To be honest i wouldn't want to spend £200 on headphones then fork out another £150 - 200 for an amp. Id much prefer some cheaper cans that will run off the denon..

Any help, advise would be great as im a little confused with all this.....

Let the flood gates open... :)


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I think the main issue you have is that while the HD600 or 650 would probably run of your Denon no probs, you wouldnt be getting the most out of them. You could in fact probably achieve almost as good a sound out of some cheaper headphones as you could with these more expensive ones.

That said, the only way to know for sure is to try for yourself. Not all AV or stereo amps are made equal, and some probably synergise quite well with certain headphones.

Personally, I always found the upper tier Beyerdynamics such as the DT880 mated quite well to integrated amps as they often fleshed a potentially otherwise bright sound out a bit.

If you are dead set on the Senns, then I'd definitely go for the HD600 in your situation as its brighter and more detailed, and not as bassy. It would be very easy for the less forgiving 650s to sound muddy in such a configuration. The 600s are for more forgiving, and are cheaper, and debateably are no worse whatever the configuration.


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I think that if you want the best out of them,they definitely benefit from a decent amplifier,although they will obvioulsy work with the headphone socket of your receiver.

Try first if you can,and see how the sound is with the receiver first of all,and you then have the capacity to substantially improve things at a later date by adding a decent headphone amp.

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