Confused! Help! What SDHC card to get for my Nikon D90?


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I've asked this elsewhere but not had any real help. So hopefully someone here can put me straight?

When I bought my Nikon D90 I got a recommended SDHC card for it, a SanDisk Extreme III 30MB/s SDHC 4GB card.

I want to get a 16GB card, but I'm confused now as there's so many different options? Class 6, Class 10, UHS-I, 45MB/s, 95MB/s etc etc...

If I'm correct this new UHS-I is relevent/supported on my D90 anyway? Does that mean I shouldn't get such a card? Or will it simply not use that aspect of it?

Basically can someone give me an idea of what SDHC would be the ideal one to get? eg: A Sandisk xxxxxxx?

Seems the only 16gb Sandisk card I can get is the "SanDisk Secure Digital High Capacity Card Extreme Video HD 16GB Class 10" for just over £10!? It's listed as 45MB/s.

What concerns me is next to the SDHC on the label is an "I". Wondering if this implies some new tech which the D90 doesn't employ!?

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