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Hi Guys, First time post so apologies if questions have been asked a million times before. I'm in the market for 40" LCD, i was set on buying sony 40w2000 until i stumbled upon this forum. Now i'm really confused, i was told a must have for future proof is 1080p. I sit 8 to 9ft away from screen and i have read with a 1080p i wouldn't notice the benefit compared to 768. Then 100hz appeared in the equation and as i watch a lot of sports and Movies i realise i do need 100hz. From my research i have narrowed it down to Samsung or sony and w2000 v M86, but then i spotted Samsung F86 which is 100hz and 1080p but 100hz is motionplus is this true 100hz.But if i look at sony 100hz x3500 its £1800 compared to Sammy F86 £1028

Can someone please advise me what the best 40" on the market is, i have a budget of £1000. Is Sony that much better than Samsung.
Also i 'm looking at buying between now and Xmas or even waiting until after Xmas as the prices should come down


The W2000 and 40M87 are the best in their category.But 40F86 samsung is better.The Sony 40X3500 is a little only better.Both top class.But the price difference is very big.The model you look for is X3500.Also in october comes and the 40X3000 which tecnically is the same(only cosmetic differencies).But the X3000 will be cheaper.So around christmass it will cost 1400£ min price online I suppose!!!Maybe and little less.But the F86 will still be cheaper.You have the money you decide

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