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I'm hoping you can help with a couple of suggestions as I'm confused as to what to go for.

I've been debating between the bose qc25s and the akg n60nc's.

Having listened to both off of my galaxy s4 I'm disappointed in the output.

Both required me too ramp up the volume way beyond the limit required by my cheaper 10 quid in ear ones.

The akgs had brilliant sound clarity but just seemed very quiet.

I'm looking for a set of cans to listen to music off of my phone or laptop whilst coding.

I was drawn to the noise cancelling but they seem so quiet, I'm not convinced. I'm now and open to suggestions for in or over ear.

Thanks in advance.


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Your over ears are no doubt quieter as they are harder to drive (higher impedance) and less sensitive than your in ears.

Unless you cannot get the required volume I wouldn't worry about it. If it's all just too quiet then you have 3 options:

1. Replace your phone with something that has a more powerful amp or
2. Add an external amp/DAC to your existing phone or
3. Buy some higher sensitivity 'phones with low impedance.



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Double check Bluetooth audio and call settings. If all else fails, unpair and pair again. It is not the headphones, it is Samsung Bluetooth operation. Lots of forum questions on this if you Google

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