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OK, Panny 5 arrived last week and I am well plesed. I have SKY, DVD and Video to connect and I am currently doing this via composite into my Yamaha A1092 amp and through to composite on the screen. Yes, I know this is the worst quality, but it gives me chance to draw breath and consider my options whilst keeping wife and kids happy.

My immeadiate plan is to move to Svideo so that all inputs to the amp are svid and then the amp goes to the screen in svid, but this poses a problem with the Video (I think). The DVD can go direct into the amp svid input and the SKY box via a JS RGB->Svideo, but what happens with the video ? I presume it outputs just composite, therefore, will connecting it's SCART to the JS box work ? (sounds unlikely). Also, I want to record SKY so any solution must account for that.

Any help gratefully appreciated.



Why don't you get a SCART to RGB + Composite Video lead, then connect this to a 3 way RGB switching SCART box (£14).

Then all you have to do is connect the DVD (RGB), SKY (RGB) and Video recorder (Composite Video) to the SCART switching box.

Then Set your Panny 5 "signal" to "sync on Video" and "RGB" input.

I am using this setup and it works great with my Panny D4, because you are using RGB directly the picture is first rate and pin sharp.

The video will use the "AV" input.

Pin 15 ---- RED -------- RED Signal
Pin 13 ---- RED GND ---- RED GND

Pin 11 ---- GREEN ------ GREEN Signal
Pin 9 ---- GREEN GND -- GREEN Gnd

Pin 7 --- BLUE -------- BLUE Signal
Pin 5 --- BLUE GND ---- BLUE Gnd

Pin 19 --- Comp Sync --- Comp Video
Pin 17 --- Comp GND ---- Comp Video GND

Its nice to use S-Video and your amp to do the switching, BUT I don't think you will like the picture quality compared with using RGB. :D




Andy, I'm not quite certain of your inputs but try this:

SKY to VCR for recording.

SKY to plasma PC input using a Syncblaster from Keene Electronics which will give you RGB input. SElect RGB on your Sky box services menu.

DVD direct to AV input using either RGB or component. You will need to select which in the appropriate menus on your DVD and plasma.

VCR direct to plasma using S video input, which will probably select automatically.

No need for composite and your sound shoudl go directly to your amp.

Hope this helps in some way. Good luck!

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