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Hi guys using a sky going into my amp on the amp i can go into a rgb port but how can this be right the sky box only has one coaxil lead coming where is R G B is 2 lead on each clour so hows it work please thank you.mike


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really confusing how you asked the question but i think the answer you seek would be getting a scart to rgb cable...

someone will tell me if this is wrong or i've not understood what you ment.

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Hi sorry if you look at my sig i suffer from ms so things get bit muddled ok start again 1 sky from sky dish 1 coaxial lead into sky box ok so far now if i go into set on sky box it tell i can have scart controll and R GB my Q uestion how can the box push an R G B signal out only using coaxial in cable when if you come from you sky box you would have a scart to 3 phonos RED GREEN BLUE on the end insude that you will find to cables on each phono cable so im confused how it true R G B TY.Mike


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You can get RGB via Scart.
Have a look at the right hand side of this link and you'll see the pinouts;

Whilst not as good as true RGB component, where all the signals are seperately screened, it can still give very good quality.

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