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I'm confused. :confused:

I'm at the outset of upgrading my amp to something like the Denon-3806/4306 or Yamaha 2600/4600 although the Yam's are like hens teeth, but basically something with built-in HDMI switching as I only have a single 7.5m HDMI feed into my IN76 Projector from my Denon 1920 DVD player. I will be connecting a MCE2005 HTPC into the amp via a DVI-HDMI cable and the DVD player and using the amp switch the inputs.

Heres the thing - a few posts and reports I have read mention that these amps don't / might not display the Digital video feed from the HTPC since it has no HDCP. Someone menitoned that it disable any non-HDCP video feed.

Has anyone out there experienced this or am I getting all worked up about nothing?? :lease:


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I think your right to be concerned. HDCP is not readily available on PC drives and kit, and as you say it will need to be in order for the amp to handshake with the DVD drive.


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any other gurus out there willing to shed a sliver of wisdom? :lease:


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I dont think HDCP will matter for the moment, asI was under the impression Sony aren't going to push HDCP on Blu Ray for a while yet because not enough TV's support it (that would then assume HD-DVD has followed suit but as it's already launched I'm not sure). I'm hoping they (Sony) would have checked to see if this kind of problem existed otherwise I can't see them doing something like that if a problem was present.

It'll probably be worth downloading the manuals from the relevant manufacturers to see what they say about HDCP support, but as far as I recall the handshake just happens between the sender (the source) and the receiver (the screen) and anything inbetween is just a passthrough...don't quote me on that though as I'm no expert.

I'm sure Liam or Hornydragon will know more about this as they know their stuff. :thumbsup:


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As above the HDCP issue shouldn’t a problem for a while if ever (studios etc still not sure if they will implement it). But there are new graphic cards out now that will solve your problems if in the future if does indeed become a problem. The X1600 I think has HDMI and the all the necessary HDCP parts to do the job. You should be ok for now and a simple card upgrade, if necessary, in the future should make you fully HDCP compliant.


Pretty sure all the HDMI handshaking is in the equipment firmware and not the software. Looked into it years ago when I was duped (by myself!) into a DVI-D projector thinking digital was digital - huh. Equipment makers have to pay a license fee and in return get allocated a 'key' to include in their firmware. Any makers not including the encryption get their allocated key locked out by the keys given to the others.

When I looked into it there was folks in US forums pushing 'unkeyed' distribution boxes but of course nobody could sell publicly and the costs were significant to outweigh the risks of both non-working on receipt or in the future.

In the meantime I got a Samsung DVD that could hack the HDCP off. Tried it with my projector and could barely tell the difference between HDMI and component to the Optoma H56A so just stuck with component. Also I had a 12m cable run that a £250 HDMI couldn't handle.

Not sure what the latest is on readily available HDCP hacks - anyone know? Still can't believe Samsung got away with it at the time since anyone with their machine effectively can record the digital content - the whole point of HDCP!


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I'm pretty sure its done in hardware not firmware, and the reason why not enough graphics cards support it is because the SiL HDMI key chips are in short supply at the moment. The HMDI enabled cards wont be out for a while because of the shortage and because the HDMI 1.3 spec has only just been agreed.


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