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I have been browsing this forum for a month or so because I need to replace a failing 28" Phillips CRT television.
I realise that what we have here is a collection of individual opinions based on each persons knowledge an experience, but I did expect to find a greater concensus on what was the correct direction to head in.

My situation is that I will be looking for 32" screen using mainly Sky(non HD) and DVD inputs ( not into gaming). It seems that LCD televisions are not particularly good with SD programming in terms of picture quality, but surely given the relatively small proportion of HD programming available, most people are watching SD for the majority of the time anyway.

One school of thought therefore seems to be, to stick with CRT, but again other contributors are saying that as CRT is being phased out by manufacturers, the only sets available are being made in Turkey or similar locations and are therefore prone to poor build quality issues.

Bottom line is, do I go with LCD knowing that HD will inevitably become more widespread and I will then be ready to take advantage of this, or do I try and find a CRT set that will last long enough to see me through to when I can safely make the change to HD. Or, is there the holy grail available?- an LCD screen available now that will give an acceptable SD picture and enable me to make the HD change as and when I want? If so please name that model.



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SD quality depends on what compression methods are used, which arent going to change anytime soon. On my Sony Bravia 40W2000, some channels look great, and some channels not so great, but with the right settings I find even these channels acceptable (and I'm talking about the crappy quality Indian channels that are on 24/7 because my mum cant stop watching the soaps...ok I admit I'm getting addicted too ;) ) I think money is one of the major issues: I didnt have enough money to purchase a good CRT set now, and then a HD set later, all the time getting a good quality picture. Heck the reason why I went with the 40W2000 is because I got it for 1500 with a 5 year warranty. If money is an issue, and you need a new set as soon as, personally I would get a HD set now. You can get alot of good 32" sets for cheapish at the moment, such as the Toshiba 32WLT68. However, if money isn't an issue, I guess there's no harm in getting a CRT and waiting for the technology to get better and perhaps better quality SD images.

At the end of the day, the SD picture quality depends on the way its compressed, not all channels will be great, but with the right settings on your TV I think even these settings are easily watchable and enjoyable :)

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