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Hi, I have a requirement but currently (after weeks of research) still needing advice on how to gain what I want.

  • play stored flac files either on NAS on a network or as an external USB drive that can be connected to device not on a network (I already have a mapped NAS drive connected to my router)
  • must have gapless playback
  • flac files have been compressed using Exact Audio Copy with these settings (not sure if relevant): Append Gaps to Previous Track (default)
  • stream music as a digital signal to an external DAC
  • streaming services (Tidal, Qubuz, Primephonic, Idagio) nice to access and work with above. I understand that Primephonic and Idagio may not be supported together in most solutions.
  • budget $800

Controller can be laptop Windows 10 or Android.

What I am looking for is working solutions or pointers that can give me above; either a SBC option (like RaspberryPi) or commercially offered hifi seperate "boxes" between the NAS or external USB drive and the DAC that can will work?

Apologies in advance if the answers seem obvious but I will confess I am confused by the multitude of different options.

Thanks, Alex


Roon may work for you, provided some prerequisites are met. Your "controller" must be connected directly to the DAC for Roon to see it, or must be a Roon-ready device (list available on the Roon web site). You must install Roon on your computer (for example, Win 10 or Linux machine), then you can stream music (bothe local files and services like Tidal or Qobuz) from other devices (like an iPad or your Android phone) connected to the same network where the main device is running. It works really well, and allows you to consolidate all your music in one interface. It also has a strong multi-room feature. Sound quality is excellent. There is a subscription fee.

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