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It's quite possible I don't have enough information to answer this question but worth a try anyway, my wife is about to finish her chartership and become a chartered engineer, I'd like to get her a gift of her first smartphone.

She uses Microsoft Outlook at work for e-mail, calendar etc and when not at work she can go to an internet site and have access to her e-mail and calender etc, the log in site says "Connected to Microsoft Exchange Secured by Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server © 2006 Microsoft Corporation." and the bar at the top of the screen says microsoft exchange -outlook web access.

I'd like a phone that will sync with this over the internet with the phones e-mail and calendar without having to install anything on her work pc and preferably without having to connect the phone to the pc too. Is this something that the modern smart phones do? the iphone? the pre? the android phones? windows mobile phones? or do I not have enough information to find out what will and will not work with her work system?

many thanks
Pretty much all proper smartphones should have an exchange client, I would imagine Blackberry are the best.

I have always been given Nokia's by my work and all of their s60 handsets can make use Nokia's exchange plugin. It works, but the experience is not great - emails come through rendered in plain text format. The E-Series Nokia's are the best as an email/business tool IMO not sure I'd recommend them confidently though.


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Blackberry may have one of the best email clients, but you wont be able to connect to an Exchange environment with it, unless they have BES installed.

If you're looking at getting her a smartphone to connect to work email, there are two things to bear in mind:

1) Get her IT departments permission. She may breach IT policies by using such a device without their permission which could land her in hot water. Even hotter should the device be lost or stolen with her work emails on it.

2) Get a Windows Mobile device :)

The reason for 2 is WM devices work very well with Exchange / ActiveSync and offer full functionality that few other vendors can match.


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Thanks, I'll look into some of the windows mobile devices. It's not going to be specifically for buisness, Just thought it would be nice for her to be able to check her e-mail and calender while on the train etc. Would be nice for it to have a good camera. decent media playback etc, would like it so she no longer had to carry an mp3 player around too.

I take your point on the IT department, maybe I'll give them a ring, not sure if they would talk to me or not. Maybe I just need to drop the idea of it being a surprise gift.


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They may talk to you, it depends how secure they are. But you wont need to ask for specifics at the stage, just advice on whether they would allow her to do this. Explain the situation and I'm sure they will help, IT are a customer services department after all :)

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