Confused about Panasonic Plasmas!


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Hi - have been reading the Forums for a while, and after nearly going down the LCD Route, I have decided on getting a Panny TH37PX60.

Will probably purchase in September from JL and hopefully get a price match as well.

However, I have noticed that there are a number of newer versions out!

I think I know the main difference between the 60 and 600 - sound and SD - don't use SD and will be putting the sound through a SC HT855 anyway so think I am ok there.

But have also just found a PD60 version and am not really sure what that is! Any help you guys can offer would be appreciated!



PS - also very tempted by the 42" but viewing disctance would only be about 7ft!


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I think the PD version is not HD Ready, it has a lower resolution.

Personally, I think 7' is too close to a 42" but I am sure people will tell you that they sit that close and it is fine.
If you are going to be watching mainly SD then I would say the 37" would be perfect.
If everything you will be watching is in HD then go for the 42"


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Cheers mate - think it will be the 37" then, main use will be Sky Digital, DVD and PS2.


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7' will be marginal....if you view a lot of HD material it should be fine. Remember your viewing habits may change from the here and now!

Only you can decide....go and test :)
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