Confused about display modes?!


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On my tv i can choose between 100hz, automatic and progressive scan modes.

This confuses me as i have no component inputs on my tv! :confused:

What is more confusing is that if i play my xbox set to pal 60 it automatically switches to prog scan.

I really don't get this as if it doesnt have a prog input how can it decode an rgb source as progressive scan??

I just don't get it. :( :rolleyes:

Hope someone can help me out! :D


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What TV? some (very few) take YUV over scart, it may be PS for terristrial or an option not availble on your set


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Its a panny 28pb50 i think.

something like that. On the back there is just 3 scart inputs and it has onbaord dts and dolby digital so it has 3 inputs for surround speakers and a sub.


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With 60Hz interlaced input, 100Hz TV's will either switch to 120Hz interlaced, or 60Hz progressive depending on their design. In the latter case, the TV internally de-interlaces the image to produce a progressive image. De-interlacing is also done as part of 100Hz processing to reduce line flicker ('re-interlacing' the image, so to speak).

If you can still select modes with 60Hz input, try switching between 100Hz (or 120Hz) and Progressive to see which one you prefer. 120Hz interlaced is less flickery than 60Hz progressive and nearly as stable, but judders more during fast motion.

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