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Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by gaust, Nov 5, 2004.

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    I'll start with some background - I have a Marantz SR5300 AV receiver/amplifier with which I have been using a DVD player connected via a digital coaxial to play CDs with pleasant results. However I have recently changed my DVD player from a Wharfedale which sounded really nice to a pioneer which sounded less nice. I now have a few questions which it would be really helpful is someone could answer

    1. Why do these two DVD players sound different when connected through the digital coaxial cable (and therefore presumably using the amplfiers DACs)?

    2. Due to the difference in sound quality I was considering buying a separate CD player (something like an NAD 521BEE or a Cambridge Azur 640C is the budget will stretch). However I have read that any input you feed into an AV amplifier goes through the amplifiers DACs - so would this negate the point of buying an expensive CD player? Or would it sound better if conncted through the analogue inputs?

    3. Would I be better off just saving up and buying a separate CD player and stereo amp to avoid these problems?

    Thanks in advance for any replies / information that you can give me - I have managed to get myself really confused over the last couple of days!!
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    Hi Gaust,
    Anything you connect with a digital lead to the digital imputs will go through the AV amps DACs. Probably not the last word in sound quality.
    I would certainly expect to get a better sound out of a CDP connected via analogue outputs to the amp. This way your using the Dacs in the CDP.
    Another option and IMHO would be the best, is to buy a seperate DAC. There are loads of threads about this. Just run a search on DACs.
    I have recently connected a cheapo DVD player to an expensive DAC with superb results. The problem with doing it this way is that the AV Amp would then become the weakest link..... Forcing a further upgrade. :suicide:

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