Confused about connections on my XDE 505


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I am confused about the Component input on the AV2 on the media box.

It is labled up as Component (Y, Pr, Pb)

I will be connecting the Microsoft Xbox 360™ Component HD AV Cable
Which has both Component Video, Component (Y, Pr, Pb).

So great I thought, no the same lead in the US is described as Component (Y, Pr, Pb), but for the UK, it says it is RGB??

So are these the same things?? And will this setup work??

I am getting confused?


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It is probably mis-described as RGB. RGB is the type of signal sent by the scart pak not the HD one. Because the colours are Red, Green, Blue, some retailers get confused!!


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It also has composite on that cable, maybe you can choose RGBs as well?


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Yep, thats the cable. As you can see, the audio LR are on the right.

The other four have been described as the Yellow, being Full signal composite the other three as RGB, and they are coloured Red Green abd Blue.

You either use the Yellow, as full composite, or the RGB as component. Some site refer to the Red Green Blue leads as (Y, Pr, Pb), other describe it as RGB?. describe it as RGB,


Previously Liam @ Prog AV
I imagine in the XBox console you have the option of RGBs or YUV output. You obviously want YUV for HD signals!!

The next bit of fun is getting audio into the XDE! You will need a scart adaptor for the red and white plugs to plug into the scart input that matches the YUV one (input 3 iirc)


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No the audio bit is simple, the Hi Def AV lead has a optical Tos connector in the plug.

So my AV amp has a Tos input which connects to a splitter with the xbox cable, and media box in.

When AV2 (Xbox) is selected on the media box, no audio will be outputted on the Digital Optical output of the media box, so the Amp will pick up via the splitter from the Xbox Optical out.

No problems, it took a hour or so to work that one out last night.

Tos splitters are only about £3

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