COnfused about connecting PC to plasma for HD


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Ok, i got a 55" Hitachi Plasma (55PMA550E), which has a DVI-D and a 15pin Standard VGA connector.

I got a DVI-D connection on the PC, so hooked the PC upto the screen using this, and i can only get 1024x768 resolution?????

If i hook up the PC to the Analogue VGA connector, and then setup the screen to run WXGA 1280*768, and then set the video card on the PC to 1280*768, all runs OK, and the PC is driving the screen at its correct resolution

Why doesnt the DVI way of connecting allow me to run the screen at this resolution? Even the manual says the Max input on the DVI-D Interface is 1024*768! What would happen if i wasnt using a PC, and connected another digital device (DVD Player) via the DVI-D interface? would i not be running High Definition, and using the Analogue interface, am i running High Definition then (even though its not using a digital interface??



Basically, that's typical Hitachi. The native res of the panel is 1366/768. The question to ask is 'why can't I get native res'. Try it. If not try 1280/720, that will at least get the aspect right, and keep the scaling all in one place.


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cheers for replys...

Cant really tell the diff between th DVI and the VGA connection.

In the manual, it say that DVI only does 1024x768, which looked clear enough, but aspect was all out (stretched)

I had to find a sub menu in the screen, and set the WXGA resolution to 1280x768, then set the video card to match,

Im gonna try some proper content on it tomorrow, and i may try switching the WXGA resolution to the full 1366x768, and then see if i can set the PC to the same,

Do PC cards go to such a bizzare (for PC use) resolution?

The panel is just that, a true plasma panel rather than a Television, i paid to have the extra 'input board' fitted, which has scart, component etc on board

Will there be a noticable diff between 1366x768 to 1280x768, as there are both running vertical pixels the same, just more on the horizontal?


PC cards do do proper w-xga, you may need a little shareware program called powerstrip. The difference between pixel mapped and not is massive, it's the holy grail for PC and scaler users, pursue it at any length.

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