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Conflicting remotes


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I got a new TV at the weekend but it's causing a problem. For some reason my freeview remote when used causes the TV to change channels or brings up the TV OSD and causes everything to go to buggery. Only way round it just now is putting a can of deodrant infront of my TV infra red receiver?

anyway to change my remotes channels that they use? or do i need to buy a new remote?


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I don't think a new remote will help - it will send the same codes.

If you spend lots of money you can get around it - I have an extender for my TSU9600 which means I can address particular IR ports, use RS232 etc. I'm not sure if there is a cheaper solution though.

I actually have a similar problem, but less annoying than yours. I bought a digital picture frame at Christmas and when I use my hi-fi remote it changes the display on the picture frame.

Matt Harper

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What make of TV/Freeview box do you have? Is the TV remote controlling the Freeview box as well?

These things can be a problem, I had an issue with a cheap HDMI switch remote that would turn off the Humax satellite box.

You may find that if one remote is stronger than the other, you can solve it by putting a piece of semi-clear tape over either the TV IR receiver or the Freeview remote.


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it's more the freeview remote however both seem to work each other. THe freeview is wharfdale and the TV is Baier. I'll try some tape out tonight on the TV see how that goes. Might just move my TV away from the freeview remote to try give some space between them.

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