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Confirmed: ITV HD is Freesat exclusive


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ITV's new high definition channel is being marketed as exclusive to Freesat, confirming indications that users of Sky boxes and traditional free-to-air satellite receivers will not be able to view it.

Test transmissions for ITV HD last week were broadcast as H.264 video encapsulated within an H.222 data stream rather than an ordinary video stream. The data stream can not be seen using traditional commonly-owned equipment, though Digital Spy forum members receiving digital satellite television on their home computer were able to view it.

ITV has since confirmed that its HD service will be available only to those using Freesat receivers.

"ITV HD is only available through Freesat, so you’ll need a satellite dish and either a TV with freesat HD built in (available soon), or a Freesat HD digital box connected to an HD ready TV," the broadcaster confirmed on its website.

Freesat - which will be formally launched today - is a joint venture between the BBC and ITV, and the exclusivity of ITV will be a unique selling point.

However, Seetha Kumar, head of HDTV at BBC Vision, today confirmed the corporation's high definition channel, BBC HD, would not become "Freesat exclusive".

In a general post regarding BBC HD on the BBC Internet Blog, she wrote: "With Freesat today and Freeview in the future, the next phase promises to be just as busy (as earlier developments in HD).

"Incidentally, I'd like to squash the mounting speculation in some blogs: BBC HD will not be exclusive to Freesat. We are and will remain platform neutral."
Taken from DigitalSpy :(

J Roadley

Active Member
How is this a good thing... surely a "prime time TV channel" should be available on all HD systems???

Is this not going to confuse the consumer?


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Odd decision in some respects in that 500,000 HD customers cannot see it and how many people who want HD (and therefore the cash to buy new HD TVs) will be happy for a system that offers a few hours of HD a day.

But it does give a 'competitive advantager' to the new system.

Ho hum. At least they have lost F1


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Cable viewers cannot see this as well :(


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Shouldn't think their advertisers will be too happy. Who's gonna want to pay for advertising space on a channel that can only be watched by a handful of viewers (almost literally).


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Absolutely crazy :confused:


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Cable viewers cannot see this as well :(

Good point - how many people have got the VM PVR/HD box? Add them to the 500,000 and it makes a very odd decision.

At the least the CL Final is on Sky as well.


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Good. I hate ITV anyway!

Yeah there is that, The only reason why I watch ITV is for the F1.. But thats going to change next year :smashin:. Look at 'Storm, What a load of :eek:


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ITV did this with ITV1 for a while, i.e. not having it on Sky but it then appeared. As I presume someone will realise that they can charge more for advertising slots if they open it up to Sky HD viewers.


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What a bunch of idiots...
If they honestly expect existing sky customers, who have access to multiple free and pay HD channels to migrate to Freesat just for ITV-HD they are bonkers.

If they are trying to get freeview viewers to move to freesat, surely the fact that HD is available at all is what will swing it?

We can only assume it's an attack against Sky and Virgin in an attempt to sway customers.

Is there anything worth viewing in HD on ITV anyway? The only thing I can think of is Pushing Daisies...


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Not the smartest decision around. But barring the football, and some US imports and films, we are not going to miss a great deal. Though it would be nice to see the soccer on a higher bitrate.
What"s the betting that it will appear on SKY within a year!!!


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Thats it then Im cancelling sky and getting free sat cause I cant go without itvhd...yeah right!!:rotfl:

Imagine the scenario if you will:

husband:Honey good news Im cancelling sky and getting freesat so we can watch itvhd.

wife: Oh ok then I guess we will be saving some money, at least we can use the skyhd box.

husband:erm...no we cant use the skyhd box it cant pick up itvhd.

wife:but we payed £250 pounds for it, oh well at least we will still be able to use the freesat box as a pvr.

husband:erm...no the launch boxes will not have pvr capabilities.

wife: Im moving to my mothers and taking the kids and I dont think I will be coming back!!

Lol is this madness or what?:thumbsdow

Still I cant even remember the last time I watch itv.


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ITV did this with ITV1 for a while, i.e. not having it on Sky but it then appeared. As I presume someone will realise that they can charge more for advertising slots if they open it up to Sky HD viewers.

Possible, but when ITV wasn't available at all many people (myself included) never even looked what was on as it wasn't on the EPG. Therefore reduced viewing figures = reduced advertising revenue.

This time its available to all, just in different quality. Might not be quite as powerful a reason to change stance. Depends on how much advertisers value the opportunity to target a small but affluent audience demographic.


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Is there anything worth viewing in HD on ITV anyway? The only thing I can think of is Pushing Daisies...

I'd add sport to that (UEFA cup, Champions League, Euro 2008, F1 for the time-being).

But there are other things that are popular (with the masses) that could be made in HD e.g. Lewis, Taggart etc.

If they do the red-button thing - could it be used on ITV2 as well? Supernatural etc.


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Haven't Sky got an even better deal than at present (i.e. more pick of matches) on future Champions League matches anyway?



Distinguished Member
No Pushing Daisies in HD, I am sad.

The only reason I would get freesat is because my freeview box is no longer getting any channels, and I have 2 spare feeds on my sat dish, but why would I pay hundreds of pounds for a freesat box when I can use my spare digibox to get freesat from Sky, I already get SkyHD so the HD channels are no draw, and I don't really care about getting HD in my bedroom to warrant paying for another box.

I expect many people who are likely to subscribe to this service are the same as me, they have a freeview box/built-in on a TV they use rarely, and then have Sky/Sky HD on their main TV.


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In fact, since the Champions League final is on Sky and I don't like F1, and Scotland aren't at the Euros...thats me done with ITV until about September :smashin:


Now how do I remove their channels from my EPG? ;)


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When will ITV ever learn. They always do things differently, remember ITV Digital and what a joke that was? The audience figures will drop and advertisers will eventually demand they go on Sky. Anyway, why are we concerned? ITV continually produce rubbish television. Their sports coverage is terrible, especially football and I don't mean the picture (the commentators are poor). Only F1 is any good and that is on the BBC next year.
I won't miss not having ITVHD. BBCHD is excellent and there is a good range of HD channels available already, so good ridence to ITV.
Will anyone want Freesat anyway? £120 to £200. Sooner stick with Sky


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Itv will have England internationals, the fa cup and champions league next year and i for one want to watch them in HD

And in a nutshell is my issue. I am so used to HD football that SD isn't up to scratch, especially ITV's SD over Sky platform.

As much as Pushing Daises would look good in HD (has a kind of Tim Burton style to it) its only one programme so I can live with that in SD, but sport...its a HD must.

Bloody BBC - should have dug deeper and retained FACup/England and stole CL from ITV, then I wouldn't care.

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