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Jul 8, 2004
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I notice on my Sony tv which has freeview built in
there is a split second delay if you switch between
analogue and digital(something to do with the refresh rate)
Now when you watch say footie and want the radio commentary
at the moment the radio is that bit in advance.Can someone
please confirm that dab radio has this same delay which would
match it up to for football,sorry if this has come up before.
There is certainly a delay on DAB, not sure it would exactly match that of Freeview though. If the radio commentary you want is also on Freeview, a cheap supermarket 2nd Freeview box might be a better option. Just check the returns policy before buying in case it doesn't work out.

Would also allow you to watch/record different Freeview channels as a bonus.
My Pure Evoke has less of a delay than my Thomson freeview box but is after the analogue. I could in fact hear things in triplicate :-
analogue -> Pure -> Freeview
There is a delay in all systems which may have little to do with your equipment. Try having FM, Freeview, DAB, Sky/cable on together and there is a delay between them all. The BBC are trying to correct this in some way otherwise the Greenwich 'pips' are not accurate. That probably won't worry too many people.
There is about a 1.5 second delay between DAB and FM.
DAB broadcasts are digitally recorded, encoded/compressed, broadcast and then decoded/decompressed.
Each stage adds a small delay. However some broadcasters now manually add a delay into their FM transmission to keep both in sync.

I am unsure about what delays freeview adds sorry.
Certainly for digital TV against analogue TV there is a very noticeable delay. This is down to the fact that digital TV is broadcast in packets and that all the packets must be received before the frame is constructed and displayed. This typically causes about a 1-2 second delay. I expect that there is a similar reason for the delay in digital radio broadcasts.
Don't forget that on satellite systems there is a delay between beaming the signal up to the satellite, and it coming back down again.
Indeed there are both CPU processing delays within a digital receiver and also any linking or path delays depending on the infrastructure that ultimately gets the signal to your home.
Outside broadcasts , live soccer etc. will normally have different paths for different mediums. This includes satellite linking (the satellites are 23,000 miles away and the signal has to come up and down, often more than once), fibre, cable, point-to-point microwave and no doubt others that I can't recall.

Chris Muriel, Manchester.
That's true, Chris. More often than not, lip sync problems are due to the broadcaster, and not the (much maligned) digibox.

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