Configuring boot.ini file in Windows



I'm currently dual booting XP and MCE, I need to configure this so that it boots XP instead of MCE if no option os selected, and also I need to shorten the timer so it is a couple of seconds instead of 30 seconds.

Where can I find the boot file and how can I do this?



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start -> run

edit c:\boot.ini

But you'll find its a hidden, system and read only file, so you'll need to use the attrib command to change this first.


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Easiest way:-

Right Click on My Computer and select Properties. Go to the advanced tab and select the Settings button under "Startup and Recovery Options". You can select your default OS and timeout from the dialogue that follows :smashin: Alternatively there's an option within the same location which will open up the Boot.ini file so you can manually edit :)
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