Confidential Microsoft disc found in XBOX ONE

Hi guys,
I received my Xbone on morning of release in good time (around 10am) from Game. I didn't get any time to even unpack it on the Friday then come Saturday I did the update and downloaded FIFA.
Then comes to this evening I decided to give Forza a blast. When I went to insert the disc I couldn't get it in it was as if something was stopping it, I pressed the eject button and out popped out a XBOX 360 Confidential MTE Retail Test Disc complete with a penned on code.

I have not researched this at all this was my first port of call.

Could anyone shed any light as to why I have this inside my console, should I even be in possession of the disc, what does this disc do?

It didn't register in my console there was even a disc inside it.

Let me know what you think any info would be appreciated.

I have enclosed a picture of the disc if that helps.


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Probably just a stress test disc, we use something similar at work to test the components in the servers we build.


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It wont register in my console and I'm to chicken to put it in my laptop:clown:
Ring up Microsoft and tell them what you found inside your console and you know what's on it, and if they want their disc back it will cost them a whole truck load of goodies :D


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Probably just a stress test disc, we use something similar at work to test the components in the servers we build.
That's what it is, ive had one before but it won't launch without additional hardware.


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It was probably a demo unit.

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Has anyone actually tried a 360 disc in the Xbox One? Lol

Wish it was backwards compatible :(
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Complain and get shed loads as its obviously been used lol


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Saw a load of these on Twitter. . . they're developmental discs (obviously lol) and they only function and are recognised by the console when a USB dongle (a special microsoft engineery one) is also plugged into the console.


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Maybe its Porn.


Basically your console was being naughty over at Microsoft ;) (Was a lab rat for testing purposes :eek:)

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