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which projector??????
had a look at sonvideo,com
now totally confussed
toshiba mt7 is this same as infocus screenplay 110


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If you want a decent response from people then you need to be a little more specific about what you want.

i.e DLP/LCD, viewing conditions, things which concern you, price range etc etc


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My first experience of a PJ was the infocus 110
at a HIFI show.
I phoned a shop in Glasgow and he said they had nothing
under £5000 tho they would be getting the screenplay 7200
maybe at £6500
I dont have a dedicated room,and see it more like a slide pj
that I bring out when necessary,tho I could mount it on a back wall which would be roughly 15ft.from the screen.
The room has 4 windows on one wall,and none on the others.
I see this a mainly for watching dvds.
The panasonic ae100 seems an obvious choice tho now to be superseded by ae200 tho no date or price for this.
Ideally I would spend </=£5000
I quite liked the infocus/the shop guy implied this was the same as the toshiba which was cheaper tho they didnt sell them.
I was looking at where theres an even bigger choice but was confused by mixed reviews some positive some negative of the same product


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The Infocus LS110 and Toshiba's MT5 are clones with the Tosh being sold a good deal cheaper for some reason at around £3500.
Both are good buys but I did somtimes see some rainbow effect.
If your willing to spend up to £5K why not considder importing the Sharp 9000 at £4000-£5000 as others on the forum have.
Another PJ that surprised me was Epson's TW-100 LCD which has superb contrast for a LCD type and I think sells for around £3500.


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