Confessions of a know nothing (HS900 probs)


A router typically has 4 LAN ports for connecting devices to it. So a NAS & PVR would use 2 of the 4 ports. If more ports are required then you can just add a cheap unmanaged switch.

I got an email from Dabs earlier today and they were offering a cheap Zyxel 2 bay NAS for £60 (excluding disks). So add 2x 2Tb HDD's for around £75 each and you get a fully loaded NAS for somewhere in the region of £210 with 4Tb (or more if using larger HDD's) of storage if not using RAID1
Zyxel NSA320 2-Bay Power NAS Appliance (91-016-025001B) -



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Shadowman. Yes they all just connect up and ALL functoianlity of every device is there as if they were independantly connected to the internet. Also with some firmware tweaking from the guys in another AVFoum section I can actually watch or control the Humax when I'm oversees too :)
The router that I have has something like 4 ports on there. I have the whole house wired so what I have is one cable from one port of my router goes into the loft - in the loft I have a 16 port Netgear gigabit network switch. Then I have the cables from this switch going inside the walls to each room in the house - so really the whole house is wired up with 2 wired network points in each room (even the garage - sad I know!).
The router is downstairs in the sitting room and so I use the remaining 3 ports to go to my Tv corner - one for Sky HD, one for the Tv and one for the Humax. These 3 cables just hidden under carpet / behind the skirting boards for now.
The plan is since everything is network capable these days is to run just one cable to the TV corner and put in a 6 port switch - for the Tv, Sky, Humax, Xbox and all the other bits that seem to be accumulating there!
These network switches are so simple - just plug in, supply power and that's it - nothing more to do - connect and forget. Switches are either specified as 10/100 (slower models) or "Gigabit" which offer the highest speeds. Best getting the high speed ones if transferring lots of video data etc. Having said that - the Tv, Humax and Sky boxes are only capable of 10/100 speeds but my kids are always streaming through the router so the gigabit one never gets over tasked.
Sorry but I'm a bit of a gadget freak.... whole house is networked and also have a network CCTV system installed on that trusty switch in the loft. Wife hates it all but she never complains when she can acces everything from anywhere, anytime! Next project is to wire up some home automation over internet but that's another story.


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Hi Mark & Graeme

Thanks for the information.

This is my problem. Currently, I use Raydon's AV2HDR to send video files over to my Humax for storage on an attached USB WD HDD. This all works very well, except I have now bought a new camera which records in progressive format and I would like to take advantage of the quality "P" produces. Unfortunately AV2HDR will not, or cannot, handle progressive video files, so I cant view the better quality. All I can do at the moment is render my "P" files as "I" and then send them via AV2HDR.

Will the Synology machine, or any other NAS, allow me to send "P" files to it for viewing and storage. If so, can you tell me roughly how its done from the PC (I'm wireless) I'm trying to get my around what takes the place of AV2HDR. I have been told on another forum that I need a Media server that has level 4.2 support, but I cant find a reference to it at the Synology site. One last question. Are you able to access your files on the Synology remotely on, say an IPad away from your home network?

I hope this all makes sense

Thanks for the help



I think these questions would be better asked in the 'Streamers and Network Media Players' or 'Networking and NAS' sections of the forum as that is where the experts for these devices will be found
Streamers & Network Media Players | - UK Online
Networking and NAS | - UK Online

1080/50p playback is a problem for many media players as it is a fairly new format. However AFAIK streaming it from a NAS should be no problem as the NAS just passes raw data across the network and doesn't care what it is - it is the media player that will decode it.



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Many thanks Graeme, a thoughtful and helpful reply with lots of useful information that may help me a lot. I will do further research as you say, as I am not about to buy anything else until I am satisfied it will do the job. I am not an entirely stupid person, but over the years I have had to accept that I do have a mental block where technology is concerned. For a long time I have tried to overcome that by buying equipment based on advice from others, fully expecting that their advice would be sound (because folk who don't know more than me on these matters are thin on the ground :laugh:) but sadly, that has not always proved to be the case. I am sure they all mean well, but I imagine it is probably at least as much my lack of ability to explain what I need (or correctly follow the advice they offer) as it is wrong advice from them that is the problem. Whatever, I am no longer able to do much more of that...I need results for my outlay now. I will let you know how I get on :smashin:

Many thanks to you as well Mark, and in fact to all who have so kindly taken the time to offer me advice on this thread. I think I will do as you say Mark, and take a look on that forum section dedicated to streamers and media players, to see what they make of things (Gawd help 'em :D)

Many thanks again guys,



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I don't think we are being sensible with all this talk of NAS and streaming technology. Dave has bought a computer that should be up to the job of editing his film and he can store the result on the external drive he already has.

Dave: I think I see a tendency to make up for a lack of expertise by buying new kit. Take the time to learn the basics first and stay away from the computer shops. There are many YouTube videos available to take you though the editing process - OK some of them are crap - but start by editing out the unwanted bits, move on to adding some titles and maybe some fades, and then enjoy viewing the result.


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Absolutely Bob, I appreciate you concern fella. Actually, I value and appreciate all the advice I have been given on here, and the time and effort many people have put in to try and help me...good guys one and all. I am sure the answer is lying in all that advice somewhere, if only I had the brains to recognize it! At the moment I am seeking an answer (as advised) in the 'Streamers and media players' section of this forum, in an effort to find out whether the Iomega is the culprit. Whatever, I certainly will not be buying anything else before I am sure I actually need it, and that it would be the answer to my problems.

Cheers, Dave.

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