Cone Diaphragm Separation Problem

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by reggiewac, Oct 11, 2004.

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    I got in drunk and wound the amp up a bit too high, and now my speakers are not happy at all! Listening to a cd sounds like listening to a record with a worn out needle but ten times worse.

    They are Gale 3020's. I have managed to deduce that it is only the main drivers that I have damaged. Having taken them out of their units I can see that the back of the cone has separated from what I would call the diaphragm (note - not the rubber mounting on the front of the driver).

    If I hold the dome and pull the cone away from the coil area it detatches from the diaphragm and travels up what looks like a cardboard tube. The original glue stays attached to the cone.

    Now these aren't particuarly expensive speakers so I would quite like to have a go at fixing them myself. Can anybody tell me if it is worthwhile trying or should I just bin them? If it is worth while, can a type of glue be recommended?

    I have done a search in the forum and have only found items relating to the rubber mounting. These seem to advise using a flexible glue, but I'm not sure this would be good for my particular problem.

    Any advice would be most welcome. Thank you. :smashin:

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