Conduit requirements for cables


I have a stud wall exposed at current for a bedroom which I plan to install some services into

My aim is to install a Cat6 & TV aerial cable via separate conduits (I think this is needed to ensure no interference is possible) within the stud wall and have them run through the loft to a central location, I understand if I have Cat6 HDMI is not really required?

Are there any requirements to the minimum distances these can be from each other when running vertically? I would also like to sound proof this wall with acoustic insulation as the other side is a bathroom, can I use plastic conduit with cables inside of to ensure no risk of fire etc?


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There are separation distances for LV and ULV cables but none specifically for 2 kinds of ULV cables. They both can go in the same conduit. I would always provision for hdmi. AV over CAT is an expensive and not always ideal solution. Great as a backup but not as a primary.
Thank you for the reply, I want CAT as prefer a wired connection for my internet, I will need to read in to why a HDMI cable is recommended as I only use these for connecting monitors etc and don't see the benefit of having this as a wall connection?

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