concrete speaker stands


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I have Castle Compact speakers (they're quite small) and wanted to mount the front pair on floor stands that have a very small footprint which doesn't protrude from the wall, that look sturdy but elegant, and that place the tweeters at ear level (making the stands 70-75cm high).

Having failed to find anything to buy, I'm thinking of having someone make me a pair of stands from concrete. Does anyone know if concrete would be a suitable material, in terms of acoustics?


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I bought a pair of speaker stands from Ikea a couple of years ago, which had bases made out of concrete.

Didn't seem to affect the acoustics at all


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Not sure about concrete stands but I have concrete Pillars under the speakers to isolate them from the rest of the room. Works very well. I can't imagine why concrete stands wouldn't work. Pretty heavy mind....


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The only things I can think of are 1) getting the concrete flat enough to provide a stable platform and 2) this method does not allow for any tweaking of speaker positioning to ensure the speakers drive the room properly


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(sorry tried to post a while ago, but got left in 'preview' post mode on work internet account... doh!)

Hi D&C,

I've seen a lot of examples of DIY stands made from stone and marble and slate, but not many from concrete, although this is a cheaper and more DIY'able option. I guess its all down to the density of the material for sound improvements and here solid stone has an edge (and an obvious cosmetic advantage), but this shouldn't stop you from using concrete to get good results.

Practical difficulties will be getting the correct type and mix of concrete for long term strength (don't want cracks appearing after they have fully dried out), and also best methods for casing and holding the shape of the stands during setting. I haven't had experience of using concrete for this purpose, but i have seen some examples of other peoples diy concrete stands before, it might have been on the TNT audio site (there may be some hints on there). Once fully dried you could sand/file and then PVA seal the outside to allow painting to take place depending on your choice of cosmetic finish. Another thing to look out for would be thickness vs strength if these are going to be tall thin stands (as it sounds from your description), you could perhaps use internal steel rod cores to help in this respect (or long angle brackets used as a strengthening beam?).

Acoustically it seems that the more dense the material the better the results are (lesser and lower freq vibrations in the stands due to the resonant frequency points of the material/object), but many people also spend time trying to find a good isolation solution to go with a solid/inert stand. For density concrete would probably have an edge over a standard metal stand (unless possibly a seriously big and heavy solid design and fully filled with the usual lead shot or dried sand). Blah, blah, ponder, slaver, dribble, wipe chin, blah...

Good luck :thumbsup:

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