Concerns about a DFGT wheel


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Hi all - hard question for anyone to answer but I will ask it anyway: I borrowed a friends wheel and pedals the other night and tested it on GT5P. It's the first time I have used one, so I wanted to check if my experience is normal or if there is a problem. When using the wheel the resistance/force feedback seems a bit on or off - when in a straight line it feels 'off' with the wheel quite loose and the control quite imprecise, then when you turn in to a corner the resistance comes on rather abruptly. This makes holding a smooth line in a corner quite difficult, and significantly reduces the benefit that i expected to get. My friend bought it second hand and has never used one before or since so he doesn't know whether it's supposed to be like that or not - and nor do I. So, is this normal? Is it broken? Would it be the same with a G27?
Got GT5 today and want to get the best out of it. if the current experience with a wheel is as good as it gets, I won't buy one. If a G27 will be a step change better I will....
many thanks


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That sounds about right to me, that is how force feedback works I think, you can feel the road sort of thing


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It sounds normal, but to be fair, GT5P isn't the best game to demonstrate force feedback.

GT5 is much much better, & F1 2010 is pretty smart as well. Even NFS Shift had better feedback than GT5P.

I don't have any experience with the G25/G27 but have heard that the feeback is smoother than the DFGT due to the better gearing mechanism.

As GT5 was programmed to primarily use the DFGT, I find it works really well, & couldn't be happier with it.


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How are you using the wheel. On your lap or mounted to somthing?

You couldn't use a DFGT on your lap, it could do you a serious gentlemans injury!:eek:.

I think most people who buy one are initially not sure what to bolt it to, & so might try the lap thing, but you get about 2 yards round the first corner, & realise that it's just not possible without potentially losing the family jewels or your kneecaps.

Or was that just me?:rolleyes:


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I just got one for christmas but did not tried it out jet as I got my ps3 in my bedroom and I lying down on my bed when I play.
So I am going to make some stand or table where I can fix the steering wheel on. Though for the pedals I still have to see how I can make something so I can use it under an angle so I can manage it properly.

Now I wonder if I can use the steering wheel without the pedals and use the X and O for accelerating and breaking?

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