Concept 20 vs 3020i


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Hi all,

Looking at purchasing some new speakers for the living room and was hoping to see what the general consensus is for these 2 (unfortunately I cant find anywhere local to audition the concepts) and alternatively if there are any others that I should be looking at within the same price range?

For some context these will primarily be used for music and ideally I want to stay with a standmount system.



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The Concepts to me are in a different league, but that doesn't mean that the 3020i's are a slough either, just different. I would say that getting the pairing right with the amp will be more important than which one is better.

If you are using a very good stereo amp, then go with the concepts as they'll give you more, however if you are using a small compact stereo or micro solution, then you'll be amazed at how accomplished the 3020i's are with these types of combinations


I’ve found both to be not half bad, but quite shrieky if the amp isn’t up to the job and or the music is of that fashion.

You might also consider these;

Mission QX2 (Black Wood)

(Walnut and Rosewood too).

A much more grown up speaker, and looks like it should cost at least twice as much

Mission QX2 Standmount Speaker Review

Something of a legend already, and, depending on taste of course much better to look at than the rather cheap looking 3020i’s at least.


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I have had both in my home for several months, and the Concept 20 is a thrilling speakers. Noticeably better than the 3020 or 3020i. But...that said... the 3020/3020i are still very good speakers.



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To save starting a new thread, in terms of tone, are the concept 20s any more brighter then 3020i?

I ask because I'm looking to purchase a rn602 yamaha which I'm told is a warm amp and best paired with a brighter speaker, so am been steered towards a spektor 2 pairs but QAs keep drawing me back!

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