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    Been doing this on/off for a few years now. Basically, there is a new challenge each month, starting with the "O'Neill Fitness Test" (balls out for 4 mins) and ending with a series of bonus rounds.

    You normally get a free t-shirt at the end.

    If you want, I can update AVF results on this page, all I need are age,sex, heavy/light weight and your results!

    Its good fun, and adds a bit of variety to your training

    Register - Challenge Series - Concept2

    Round 1 - September
    O'Neill Fitness Test (4 mins)

    Closes: 11pm, 1st October '12

    Round 2 - October
    One Mile (1609m)

    Closes: 11pm, 1st November '12

    Round 3 - November
    Joe Simpson Challenge (6344m)

    Closes: 11pm, 1st December '12

    Round 4 - December
    Greg Searle Challenge (5000m )

    Closes: 11pm, 1st January '13

    Round 5 - January
    Gut Buster (10000m)

    Closes: 11pm, 1st February '13

    Round 6 - February
    Classic Indoor Race Distance (2500m)

    Closes: 11pm, 1st March '13

    Round 7 - March
    Olympic Race Distance (2000m)

    Closes: 11pm, 1st April '13

    Round 8 - April
    Boat Race Record (16 mins 19 secs)

    Closes: 11pm, 1st May '13

    Round 9 - May
    Sprint Finish (500m)

    Closes: 11pm, 1st June '13

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