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just want to ask if anyone from the forums is getting this game :) as last night i could only find one person on and he must have left the xbox on and ****** off:thumbsdow
so i would like someone to chop up :thumbsup:


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youre on your own with that one matey boy hahaha :rotfl: :rotfl:


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Bought it. Played it. Hated it. Returning it...

Gutted about this - I had high hopes for a decent Conan game, and think that the presentation & style of the game are faithful to the original Conan stories, which is cool.

However, the control system is unresponsive at best, and Conan feels like he is running through wet cement whenever he moves about.

For the amount of moves available, it seems to be all too easy to do random button bashing when fighting.

The camera is also appalling, and spins wildly out of control if you try to set it manually, and don't get me started on Live play. :thumbsdow

If you have more than about 3 fighters in an arena, it gets very laggy, with players disappearing & appearing all over the place - maybe I was unlucky, and just caught a few bad connections, but it seemed to be pretty pony. The whole Live concept for this game seems flawed, as it is just a free for all with no real stategy.

I can't take it back until the weekend, so will give it another chance with a few more days play, but unless things improve sharpish, I'll change it for something else.


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I have only been able to find one or two games - it seems that not many people have bought this, and that even less are playing it on Live - I wonder why ???:D

That said, it hasn't been released in the States yet, so when it is, maybe more people will be on Live ???


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del I will buy it when the shops realise how crap this is and reduce it to £9.99 if ya lucky I might even play it still got dead mans hand on order amazon £25.99 nice


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