Comtrend Powerline compatibility?


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Hi, I have got a pair of Comtrend 902 powerline adapters and would like to get a wireless one to plug in at the back of the house to extend wifi to garden as my home hub is at the front of the house and the wifi doesn't reach the garden very well.

Something like this:

200Mbps HomePlug Powerline Wireless Ethernet Adapter | eBay UK

But i'm not sure if they are compatible.

Anybody know which homeplugs are compatible with the comtrend ones or can think of a different way of extending the wifi without moving the router?


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Won't work. Comtrend 902 adapters do not use then HomePlug standard.

You could buy a third Comtrend adapter, "pair" it with your existing Master adapter and connect it to a Wireless Access Point to do what you require.
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