Computer wont boot after chipset update


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Oct 28, 2008
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I have a bit of an issue with my PC at the moment. I updated the motherboard chipset and onboard wireless and upon a restart it doesnt even load up into the bios, there is no signal to the monitor or the mouse or the keyboard so I cant access anything at all.

The PC usually gives me a beep when it starts up but this seems to have gone also, any advice is appreciated.:smashin:

The model is a Asus P5N32 SLI Premium

When you say you updated the motherboard chipset I assume you mean you updated the BIOS?

Thanks for your reply, It said the chipset on the website whjen I went to download it and it seemed to be sperate to the BIOS updates.

I have just checked had the RAM out to see if it was that and no change. I have also taken the battery out of the motherbaord for 15 minutes.... no change

Any ideas?
You have not made it clear what you have done to cause this problem.

Have you downloaded an unknown bit of software from an unknown website and burnt it into your computer BIOS EEPROM?

Or have you updated a device driver?

Cannot help you without knowing what you have done!

Sorry if I wasn't making myself clear, I have managed to sort it by resetting the CMOS. :clap:

I had installed a chipset driver for the manufacturers website and when I came to reboot there was no response....all a bit odd really.

Thankyou for you help it is appreciated

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