Computer upgrade advice please.



I have around 250 pounds to spend on an upgrade kits with the following requirements:

Gd quality PSU (500+ Watts I guess)
PCI-E motherboard with onboard graphics, but with future support for Direct X 10 GFX cards
At least 1GB RAM (2GB if the budget can support it)
And lastly either an A64 or one of these new dual-core AMDs.

Is it better to get a dual core CPU or to save money and get more RAM with the extra money?

Thanks for any advice

Chris Muriel

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Currently more RAM looks a better investment because not many applications support dual core processing yet.

Chris Muriel, Manchester


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i am also looking to upgrade,the amd 64 bit single core 4000 is 96 quid oem or 105 quid retail with 512 kbyte cache, the 3800 dual core is also 96 quid oem, 105 quid retail with 1meg cache, so which is the best option.


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Also some games have trouble with dual core processors (Call Of Duty for example).

Also I would probably go with the Single Core since Dual Core is going to replaced within the next few years and the single cores are just as good as the dual cores because the DC are really for multi-tasking.

If you can try to get a version with the 1MB cache.

From Overclockers you got this

AMD Athlon 64 4000+ (Socket 939) - Retail
AMD''s Athlon 64 is the latest evolution in the desktop computer industry. With its revolutionary 64bit architecture this CPU is fully compatible with future 64 bit operating systems and offers blistering performance in current 32 bit applications. With AMD''s new HyperTransport technology and a massive 1MB L2 cache.

This retail boxed product is supplied with an AMD heatsink and fan and has a 3 year warranty

Price: £89.95 (£105.69 Including VAT at 17.5%)

So there is a 1MB version out there at pretty much the same price.

The Athlon 64 4000 San Diego boast amazing performance and exceptional overclockability up and beyond FX57 speeds.

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