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Computer to TV and hifi

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Building DIY' started by mike_marsh, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. mike_marsh


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    I was after some advice as to the best method to link my PC in upstairs bedroom to my TV and hifi in downstairs lounge. I mainly intend to use this for viewing digital camera photos and CDs ripped to MP3s both of which live on my computers hard disk.

    My PC has a graphics card with a S-Video out and a sound card with a 3.5mm headphone jack out.

    My initial plan was to use an AV sender (available from Argos/Maplin ...) this uses 2.4Ghz bandwidth to send the picture and sound signal from one room to the other. This seems to work, all be it with occassional interference on the picture - however the sound appears slightly duller, almost muffled compared to when I connect my PC direct to my hifi with a short lead.

    So what I really want to ask is... if I were to use leads to achieve the same task (s-video to phono for picture and 3.5mm jack to 2xphono for sound) what effect does length of lead have on the quality of the signal - I would probably require leads between 7 and 10 metres - but how will the output compare to the AV sender option?


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