Computer surround speaker position - following the rules in a small sound field?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Matinee, Sep 21, 2007.

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    I have some logitech 5.1 Z5500s for gaming surround use/non demanding music use in my study (at some future point the lounge will get a proper surround sound system, it's currently just using stereo).

    This is a bit of a problem in my case as distance from the wall to the rear of my chair is 1.5m. Speakers can't really be placed lower than 1.9-2m (furniture in the way). Is this going to create a realistic-ish soundfield in just 1.5m? Or, in other words, just how much can incorrect distances be tweaked by changing speaker levels etc?

    The 5.1 positioning documents are pretty clear - rear speakers pointing inwards along a triangle with the person in the centre angled towards them, centre speakers directly in front of the person, and side speakers a little behind the person angled very slightly inwards.

    Room is approx a rectangle 3.2m long by 2.4m wide by 2.3m high. I can place speakers at 2m high a little to the right of the desk, mounted on the wall (all speakers point straight but slightly down), and a bit further to the left. The problem is with the rear speakers, as the left speaker must necessarily be 40cm further in distance from the chair than the right is..

    I could attach the speakers to the rear wall, but according to the recommendations, that's plain wrong as I'm sitting considerably forward of that.

    Advice would be terribly welcome. I'm not expecting wonders from the speakers here; that'll be when I upgrade the lounge, and the AV equipment, rather than the computers will be the emphasis!

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