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    Hello All

    I am a new member and also a new camcorder user - have recently bought the Panasonic NV-DS27. I would like to be able to do some editing on my pc but it seems that the spec is a bit low. My pc is 1 year old and has a Pentium 3 processor - think it's about 800mhz speed. Have 128mb RAM and a 10gb hard drive. I know that the advice is that I need at least a 40gb hdd, but I am wondering if I would get away without upgrading for a while as I am not a "serious" hobbyist but just want to "play around" a bit - would just be making 15-30 minute "films" and once completed would transfer it to video.

    Another question is that there was some still editing software thrown in with the camcorder - my problem is that the cable has a serial connection and my pc has only USB - is there an alternative way of connecting ?

    that's it for now - I'll have lots more questions in the future
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    If you have a miniDV camcorder it is easy to edit video on your PC. But you will definately need a couple of bits of extra hardware:
    1 - a second hard disc, about 40Gb minimum, to store the original footage and the final edited film before dumping back to your miniDV cam. Budget around £100ish.

    You need a second HDD because the main drive will be busy running Windows and the editing software. It won't be able to store the video files quickly enough without losing some of the information, this is called "dropped frames".

    2 - a Firewire video editing card (complete with editing software), this will handle the camcorder connection (via USB) and control it, as well as giving you some picture and sound editing tools.

    The rest of your system should cope OK. I run an AMD Athlon 700 with an 18Gb main and 80Gb secondary HDD. I've edited succesfully without dropped frames using just 128MB ram under Win98SE. Have added a further 512MB of memory from Crucial Technologies for less than £60. My firewire card is a Pyro 1394DV which cost about £70. It came with all the software I need.

    You can easily add a serial port to your computer. The cards are not expensive, less than £20. See here for prices


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