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I need a new computer, which will be based on Core i5 2300, 4Gb ram and Win 7 64 bit for HD editing.
Question is, for about the same extra cost is it better to upgrade the processor to i5 2400/2500, or increase ram to 6 or 8Gb?
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I think your software will dictate the PC-spec.
32-bit won't address more than (just under) 4G.
I wonder if you aren't in danger of over-specing the PC as described.....
For HD, Sony Vegas suggests Dual-Core 32bit Win7 with 2G RAM. more spec won't alter the Edits, but could shorten the rendering after Editing (as I understand it). Are you expecting to Edit very long films...?
My own video-editing PC uses 32-bit,4G RAM with a 2.8G processor . . . not exactly high spec, - but respectable for now. I have a separate graphics card.

Note that 64-bit programs are not that common and peripheral-Drivers can be more difficult to source.

Good luck.
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The problem is that AVCHD footage is highly compressed and therefore does require a good CPU and more RAM to edit well. Many on this forum that do edit AVCHD have had issues with a C2Q CPU and have found they needed to go to an i7 to get good smooth editing.
64bit copies of Windows are fast becoming the standard over a 32bit version. Therefore 64bit device drivers are becoming easier to find, and 32bit drivers work perfectly well anyway. I've yet to find a program that will run on Win7 32bit but not my 64bit PC.

But saying that Sony Vegas Movie Studio does work well on lower spec PC's than many other editing programs. If you already have a program or one you want to use then check the suggested specs (ignore min specs IMO) and then go a little higher to make sure the PC copes well.
I would say that more RAM would offer more of a benefit over a slightly faster CPU, but only on a 64bit OS. Graphics card is not used to great extent in many editing suites, so again check the specs the program suggests to see if it is worth looking at a better card or not.

I would also suggest you have a search in this section and the PC hardware sections of the forum to see what others use and their experiences.


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You can see my specs below but you may also want to consider the new Sandybridge chip which favours HD i believe.

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