Computer restarting on its own


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Started suffering the odd random reboot so have bought all the following to rectify the problem.

new motherboard
new PSU (Corsair 750w - so a reliable one)
new hard drive
new graphics card

Done a fresh install of windows 8 (via an upgrade of a fresh install of Win 7)
and its running perfectly, will sit at the desktop for 24 hours without restarting, but when I try downloading Diablo 3 after about 5 - 10 minutes it just decides to reboot.
I have turned off 'automatically restart' on system error in system properties, I have also turned off all the 'wake up on' options for things like keyboard, usb mouse etc.

I have run HD Tune tests on the hard drive and that reports no errors, I also ran memtest for about 4 hours and that came back all clear.

I am at the end of my tether with this pc, can anyone think of any reason that could be causing it to restart, especially when downloading something?



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Could be a memory issue - try running MemTest though I had a dodgy stick of ram once and it didn't show up any errors in MemTest. Try removing your memory sticks one by one and re-run your test.


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It is a common issue - just google

Diablo 3 automatic reboot


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Yeah seen that about Diablo 3 but I haven't got as far as acutally installing it yet, it restart whilst downloading it!


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if it only does it on downloads possibly a network issue, try (cheap things first)updating driver for nic, reset modem/router, check for other devices on network sending corrupt packets, replace network cable and/or route away from any rf interference sources such as psu blocks or mains lead, replace the nic with a new one, check power cable seen a few non compliant ones sneaking in recently.
Would also consider after doing those downloading the fresh install iso of win8 in case any thing incompatible software wise got carries over.


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Thanks, do you know where I can get the ISO for Win 8? I've searched the MS site but can't find it


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Looks like I've sorted it (fingers crossed!), took off the heatsink, blew out all the dust, removed and replaced the silver compound and my temps have dropped under load from 66c to 45c :)


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Managed to finally install Diablo and played an hour plus a bit of Starcraft and no reboots! Look like its done the trick! :)

Thanks for the help guys

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