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computer questions.


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First off, the specifications;

* AMD Athlon 64 x2 6000+ (Dual Core) AM2 2048K Cache
* Spire Kestrel-King II AMD 64 fan
* 2GB (2x1GB) PC6400 DDR2 800 Dual Channel
* ATI Radeon HD 4850 X2 2GB PCI Express
* AC 97 3D Full Duplex sound card (onboard)
* Ethernet network adapter (onboard)
* 800W ATX Power Supply
* Full tower case with three 120mm exhaust fans and 5 120mm air intake fans

To keep it simple, I wish to maximize my computers cooling potential. I'm aware that I need a pci card fan and a hdd fan but what brands? I would also like to replace one of my 120mm fans as well. I could care less about noise. I simply want the best within a reasonable price. Not cheap, just reasonable. I would also like some advice on what cpu cooler I should use. The stock on my dual core isn't cutting it. From my experience, the way my pc is running at the moment is unhealthy but safe. I fear that my components will degrade much faster if I don't do something soon. One last question pertaining to my video card. It came equipped with a faceplate covering the gpus but with sections cut to fit the two fans; will removing the plate help or hinder the gpu's cooling potential.

Thanks in advance and I'll return shortly to view your most generous responses.


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what temps are you getting at the moment ? Its worth knowing for comparision.

I found that there is a tipping point where cooling in the case, for example, is not suffiecent to move the heat out - once you are over that point you get a big improvement in temp. Any changes after that give less and less.

In my PC I have a small form factor SilverStone case with a E8500 CPU and a GTX260 GFX card and it was running HOT !

the back of the case at the top was acting like a heat trap and making the air inside much warmer, which in turn was messsing with my CPU/GFX coolers.

I added one small fan to the PCI slot at the top of the case (my case has a slot at the tope for this) and that was enough to make the air flow function - the change was massive. So I recommend added one thing at a time - the most important is getting the hot air out of the case, rather than a better CPU cooler - because the CPU cooler cannot cool if the ambient air is too hot around it.

Now this might not be the case for you and stock coolers are often very average in preformance but its worththinking about as you can spend a lot on cooling which frankly is not needed

In summary a good fan on the front and one on the back, pointing in the right directions of course, will move the air and make a lot of difference.

Oh those HDD coolers are a bit of a con in my opinon - the very last thing I would get, much better a fan pulling air over a hdd bay front to back (as just mentioned)

As for your GFX card - not sure what you are refering to but the heatsinks on them are usually pretty good - does your card use 2 slots and throw the hot air out the back of the PC ? if so then there no point touching it.
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If you've got eight fans in there already then buying more isn't going to help. If your motherboard and case offers the possibility to move things around a bit (hdd into a corner, graphics card into a different slot etc.) then I'd play with those arrangements to see if you can get any improvement.


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I downloaded Speedfan which is a temperature analyzing software but I'm clueless as to what I'm seeing so I'll just post the findings in hopes that somebody here can inform me to what needs to be done.

Fan 1: 2352
Fan 2 - 5 undetected for some reason.

Cpu usage 0.50%
Temp 1: 34c
Temp 2: 127c Umm.. I'm not sure what this is but the temp is ridiculous!
Temp 3: 36c
HDO: 34c
Temp 1: 40c
Core: 20c


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those temps look good to me - not sure about the 127 thats odd - might be worth getting a app to check your graphics card temp from ATI - there will be one on there website.

After seeing those temps, what are you aiming for ?


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turn off the erroneous temps, i get the 127 on mine as well i think its a disconnected sensor giving a mystery reading. also only fans directly connected to the mainboard will be shown RPM and sometimes might not be the real speed.

I would try work out what the temps relate to and name them, makes it easier then just seeing temp 1 temp 2 etc


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I downloaded Speedfan which is a temperature analyzing software but I'm clueless as to what I'm seeing so I'll just post the findings in hopes that somebody here can inform me to what needs to be done.

Speedfan can give silly readings some times, as you're getting 127 degrees I'd try an alternative like RealTemp for the CPU temperature and use the Catalyst Control Centre for the 4850X2

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