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My new PC which i have custom built is not booting with the case side on, i have checked that the case is not trapping anything and it isnt. I have not got the case light connected and it still only boots with the side off.

I have decided that the only possible thing must be cooling but the air from the heatsink is cool and when i open the case there is no noticeable heat. This started happening around 40mins ago.

Any advice is very gratefully recieved.

Monty Burns

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Is there anyway (unlikely I know but you have an unlikely error!) that putting the case on could cause the mobo or a.n.other wire connection to be touching metal where its not supposed to be?

I once had a situation where I had not used all the screw points putting in a mobo and, because of this I guess one of the strips/lanes of the mobo was touching metal case where it was not supposed to. This caused it not to boot. I put all the screws in and it was fine.

Just an idea thrown in the air....

Good luck!


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Thanks for the reply, i am very puzzled now as my computer now works with the case on. I will see how it goes, i have done a virus scan and i am virus free


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It does sound construction related. maybe next time you open the case and put it back on it won't work...
You are not forcing anything are you ? ?


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No nothing, it all fits fine, nothing is being blocked and the screws are tightened but not too tight.


no, please dont....

unless you are using a dual core cpu, then a 20 pin psu is adequate for a 24pin motherboard. The normal p4 yellow/black 4 pin connector is "integrated" when using a 24 pin psu.

so, a 24pin connector=a 20pin connector+the yellow/black 4 pin connector. Clear so far?

the yellow/black (hereafter referred to as atx12v) connector should be a seperate 12v rail from the 20 pin connector. So that the cpu gets it's own clean stable 12v to regulate. If you use a 20pin-->24pin convertor, you end up splitting the 12v from the psu that runs the drives+mobo and using that to run the cpu and some parts of the motherboard from. Which can probably overstress the 12v rail.

From intel's own docs, use a 24pin psu if you have one, if not, then use a 20pin psu and connect the atx12v 4 pin connector too to compensate. Some 955 board even have a standard molex connector on the motherboard to compensate for 12v power (intel 955xbk springs to mind)

Short story, using a 20pin to 24pin adapter *may* cause a psu overload, which could damage the mb/psu/cpu depending on your particular psu limits.


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Which motherboard are you using? DFI's sometimes have a problem when not used with a 24pin PSU. This isn't to say don't do what Werner has suggested.


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Added firewire card today and guess what, it wouldnt boot at all but the fans were spinning. I looked on t'internet on another computer and found someone with a similar problem and the graphics card was faulty. So i removed my graphics card and the computer started booting properly (i could tell because the keyboard lights flashed). I then re-fitted the graphics card and it works still. I will see if i have any more problems and if i do i will exchange the graphics card

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