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Hi I am currently looking to buy a decent-ish gaming pc as my faithful HP A6623 is on it's way out :(

with Xmas coming up my budget is only around £400.

I found two computers which seem like they would be great if i added a ATI HD6850 Graphics card into them. The only thing is I'm a bit of a noob, and not sure which one is the better of the two, or even if they could handle a 6850 card.Or what the PSU is in them :confused:

Here are the two computers any advice would be much appreciated

Thanks alot

Advent Centurion CPQ9104 Gaming PC | eBay


Advent CPD1301 Gaming PC | eBay


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I would have a look around for price comparisons at places like:

Home PCs and Home Computers from Novatech
Systems - Aria PC
CCL Gaming Systems - Custom build the ultimate gaming PC including overclocked options - CCL Computers

I got mine from Easy PC:
Gaming Computer | Custom Gaming PC | Budget Gamers PC | Custom Built Gaming PC | Fermi | GTX 580

It seems a few are using the new AMD cpu and I'm not sure how they stack up against the Phenom x4. Someone will be able to advise you on this:)

Edit - not sure about the psu & DDR2 memory on those you've linked, most stuff is DDR3 nowadays.
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Be very careful when buying a whole system from ebay. They are unlikely to come with warranty that will be matched by high street stores or reputable online retailers.

Both will come with cheap power supplies unfortunately so will need to be replaced befor you add the 6850.

How about this one from Overclockers. Comes with a high quality 550W PSU, 1TB of storage and a much faster and power efficient processor. Obviously will need to add in the cost of Windows 7 though.

Home Server GT Intel Core i3 2100 3.10GHz DDR3 - Server £349.99


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Intel i3 2100 is significantly faster than the Phenom 9650. Benchmarks here.

Yes the system will be perfectly fine to install a 6850. It has an OCZ ZS 500W PSU which is a very good power supply.

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