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For high (120 - 144 range) frames rates ? No chance with that Graphic card, thats the bit you really need to spend on. I would think you would need a 2080 at least for the type of performance you are talking about. Your buying a top end VR headset and asking for top end performance which needs a top end GPU.

A RTX 2060 is very average (but quite able to do VR) card so I would think it would play most games but not at the kind of level you mention later on in the post - any one else got index here want to chip in with there GPU as I dont have one and they might be able to give you a first hand experience.

It might also be worth googling to get a better understanding off VR performance generally as some games will run at very high fps as they have lower requirements and some need crazy high power to go over 90fps (or 90hz if you prefer) I have seen people posting that having 2 x 2008ti and still not hitting 144 fps in some games so the real question might be how much money are you prepared to spend where better GPU = better fps
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Yeah, agreed with above. If you can wait until later this year, see what new comes along and at what price range.

A lot of games VR will run at 144hz just not the big AAA titles that will suck your GFX card dry.

RTX cards now get the benefit of DLSS so you get an extra free boost in fps with the 20 games that support it so far.
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