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Hi all, hope you might be able to shed some light?

I have built many pcs in my time.

My most recent one every say 50 boots I will get a boot failure. I reboot and all is ok again.

Any ideas why these random failures might happen? PSU maybe? Any software that is good for checking instabilities?

Thank you


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Normally boot failures like this are a motherboard issue. I had a Asus Sabretooth Z170 motherboard that did exactly this. What annoyed me most about it is that it was a replacement for a board that had a temperature sensor failure. Anyway, after having installed the motherboard, and used it for about a month, I got a boot failure. Had to go into bios, make no changes, then restart and it would boot.

Essentially it would do this once every 3 or 4 weeks, so it wasn't so bad that it did little more than irk me, and of course there was a workaround of going into the bios then just rebooting. Still, after a year or so I changed it for a gigabyte board ,and of course the issue is gone. I actually gave the board away as 'faulty' to a friend, and of course, he has the 1/50 boot problem, but he doesn't seem to mind since the board was free.


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Very interesting. My board was bought brand new in June this year and is the Gigabyte z490 Elite AC. I am wondering whether to contact the manufacturer or the retailer. Then again its so few and far between errors like yours was that its just so much work even if they were to send me a new board :(


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It may be a motherboard fault however it might be faulty RAM. I would run an overnight memory test with either memtest86 or windows memory tool and see if you get any errors. You could also try removing 1 stick of memory and running with just 16GB RAM and swap around if needed. Obviously if it is just an occasional fault then it is gonna take some time. If the memory is clear then this points more towards a motherboard fault
Also if you are running an overclock return everything to defaults - do a BIOS reset and see if it happens again. I would also check for a BIOS update - which sometimes improve stability.
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Hi. The memory G.SKILL is also new. I will run a memory test tonight and check.
I have recently updated the bios so I know thats good to go.
No overclock.

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